An Oracular Technique
Oracle of Love


Spirituality is a relationship. It is a mutual search for Love, rather than a one-sided service to any omnipotent power or blind faith in religious authority. In my own case, I relate to the Oracle as a close friend with whom I am sharing an adventure. The Oracle values my friendship as much as I value its insight and we both respect the limitations of each other's positions.

The following points summarize a very effective oracular technique:

1. Understand that the primary purpose of a consultation is to obtain spiritual commentary and ascertain spiritual need  rather than to have the Oracle answer your questions.

2. Use the conversational technique to let the Oracle lead the consultation by deciding whether or not there should be a consultation at all.

3. Cast your hexagram.

4. Find the hexagram you have cast by looking it up in the tables.

5. Read the text of the hexagram using the Guidelines for Interpretation to discern significance in the Oracular message.

6. Use the conversational technique to let the Oracle decide whether another hexagram should be cast. Repeat steps 3 to 6 for every succeeding hexagram.

7. Look for a consistent theme running through a series of hexagrams (whether in a single consultation or even running over days) as the key indicator of meaning, rather than the text of a single hexagram.

8. Successfully following the Oracle’s agenda is often a matter of exploring different activities that could be considered appropriate, until one is found that consistently evokes a clearly confirmatory response from the Oracle.

You’ll know when you’ve got it.

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