Oracle of Love

Hexagram 9

Unimportant details.

The hexagram means ordinariness and insignificance. It also refers to detail, in the sense that details are unimportant in comparison to the big picture or main event.

Insignificance is a relative value. There remains a usefulness and enjoyment in the most trivial and ordinary of things. High culture will recognise every opportunity for pleasure and interest no matter how slight.

Pay attention to trivia. One is likely to trip over details that are overlooked or miss commonplace opportunities. But ambition in attending to trivia would be misdirected.

Suggested Responses

This is a time to deal with ordinary affairs or to take pleasure in trivial details even if they are unimportant.

Pay attention to small things like worms and germs and marbles and fuses and keys and hairclips.

Contribute only small efforts to any project and make only small investments at this time.


Small and ordinary nourishment.

Appropriate attention to trivia.

Details manifest favourably.

Absorbed in trivia.
Or, Small matters assume importance. One may lose money.

Pleasure in ordinary things.

Let go of great aspirations to deal with unimportant matters.

This interpretation differs from classical I Ching interpretations, in that it does not describe a taming power of smallness, but physical manifestations that are small or unimportant. Taming power as restraint is the subject of hexagrams 26 'Universal Power' and 34 'Power'.

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