Oracle of Love

Hexagram 7

Join the crowd.

The hexagram describes a connection between things of like kind, bringing them together as a group.

It deals with social relationships that recognise what the participants have in common rather than their differences. Individuals may well be banding together for a common purpose.

While we can learn to appreciate diversity, appreciation of those who are similar to ourselves comes more easily and associations of like-minded people can quickly grow into large groups.

The hexagram means a wide affiliation based on community of interest. Conspicuous displays of individuality are not appropriate at this time.

Alternatively the hexagram may simply mean a reaching of agreement with others.

Suggested Responses

Mingle with society at large. Join the crowd, perhaps just sitting at a sidewalk café and watching the passing show, or becoming active in community life and taking a public profile.

Seek associations based on similarity of interest.

If you are not in a position to get out, then at least associate with others indirectly through the social media such as books, TV etc.


In the company of others.
There may be opportunity for Love.

Enjoying the society of like-minded people.

No common interest.

Socially unacceptable behaviour.

In the midst of the community.

Make the effort to get out among other people.
Consider what behaviour would be appropriate.
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