Oracle of Love

Hexagram 61

Truth is uncomplicated.

The hexagram means the truth of reality as it is, measured by the directness of one's experience of the moment.

Close to this truth, one's experience is simple. It is as uncomplicated and real as it possibly can be.

When one has fewer expectations and preconceptions about reality, there are fewer internal complexities preventing its direct perception and one’s expressions are more sincere.

A less complex external environment also facilitates a direct engagement with reality because it is easier to comprehend and imposes fewer demands on one’s behaviour.

By taking life as it comes and not subjecting one’s experience to comparison, one can be more accepting of reality as it is and more comfortable with one's place in it. Simplicity leads to peace of mind.

Simplicity can also be seen in the uncomplicated straightforwardness of domestic life. The hexagram means feeling at home.

Suggested Responses

Keep things straight, honest and simple. No secrets.

Find simple comfort, alone or with people you feel at ease with, so there is no need to project any persona other than your real self. Make others feel at ease, so that they too can be themselves. Seek company based on easy, natural affinities rather than formal relationship.

Make fewer demands of life. Accept the position you find yourself in and don’t let disappointment with past mistakes distract you from engaging with the present.

Avoid engaging in imaginary intrigues or abstract thinking at this time.


Things get complicated.

No pretence.
Love is true.

Straying from the truth.
Do you have a secret?

Far from the truth.
But take things the way they come.
Or, Not at home.

True company. Simple food.
Love is waiting.

Complications distract attention from the truth.
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