Oracle of Love

Hexagram 60


One is exceeding an acceptable limit.

The hexagram means stopping, either as a voluntary act or as an imposed condition.

This is not necessarily a permanent change of direction, nor a request to do absolutely nothing. It means that one's current activity is not appropriate or is distracting from something more important. The paused activity can probably be resumed later.

Alternatively the hexagram may simply be noting that something has stopped or will do so.

The concept of limitation extends to the idea of stopping a stopping. For example, if you are currently abstaining from something then this may be a suggestion to end the fast.

Suggested Responses

Stop whatever you are doing. You should be able to identify a particular activity that should be stopped rather than ceasing all activities . It is likely that the activity in question is distracting from an opportunity to Love.

At this time it is better not to resist imposed limitations.


Limitation is difficult to accept.
Nonetheless it is appropriate.

Sublime self-control.

Stopping comes easy.

Ignoring limitation will cause regret.

Too much of a good thing.

The limitation is acceptable.
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