Oracle of Love

Hexagram 6


You are imposed on by a hostile environment. Expect no nourishment or support.

In the absence of nourishment growth can only be forced at another’s expense.

Without support, confidence in the face of hostility is deluded.


A romance imposed on an unwilling partner has little chance of success. Enterprise in conditions of drought will fail no matter how bold or optimistic one’s endeavours. The drought will not last, but relief may come later rather than sooner.

Abstinence is an appropriate strategy. Do not pursue Love at this time.

Suggested Responses

Withdraw from enterprise and avoid confrontation. Make no demands on others or your environment.

Even at this possibly late stage withdrawal is the best option.

If you are already engaged in a campaign of abstinence, your current activity is not compatible with that campaign.

Note that there is no judgement on the correctness or value of an enterprise other than to indicate that it finds no support at this time.


Deluded self-confidence.
One is acting without sufficient resources or authority.
Any victory will be hollow.

Certain of one’s cause.
Make use of what little sustenance there is and stand firm.
Be careful.

Withdrawal is accomplished.
Or, Hostility is averted.

Even withdrawal is difficult.
The hostility overwhelms.

Back off even if you are in the right.
Love can’t be forced.

Do you really want to go ahead no matter what the cost?
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