Opening Up

Oracle of Love

Hexagram 59


The hexagram means gently but purposefully dissolving obstructions, clearing a way so that things become free .

It suggests exploration as a tool for liberation. That which is unfamiliar can prove an impediment until it has been explored sufficiently to yield a knowledge by which it can be managed.

Exploring new ideas can lead to technologies that overcome physical obstructions.

Education, insofar as it promotes exploration, opens the intellect to new influences and frees it of ignorance and prejudice.

Exploring new attitudes and states of mind develops the flexibility to overcome one’s own mental blockages. Dissolving a false persona opens up the possibility of acting with unbridled sincerity.

Sexual orgasm is an immediate form of self-dissolution.

The hexagram has meaning for the development of sexual relation. It describes newly engaged partners opening to each other and overcoming obstacles to their intimacy by a process of exploration and familiarisation.

This is a time for accomplishment rather than waiting. Exploring can be exciting and liberation is satisfying. Take advantage of the time to Love.

Suggested Responses

Open yourself to Love.

Explore your state of mind with a view to dissolving barriers to sincerity.

Remove from your environment anything that may be a source of friction with others and refrain from making demands that may hinder relationship.


Even guilt for past deeds can be resolved.
Love is merciful.

Great ideas are instrumental in clearing a way.
Love flows free.

Difficulties can be resolved.
Love is in reach.

Open yourself and make no demands of others.
Love is accessible.

Free of insincerity and ready to Love.

When one finds an opening the liberation can begin.

This hexagram shares the theme of freedom with hexagram 40 DELIVERANCE. Here the liberation is gradual while in that hexagram the liberation can be explosive.

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