Oracle of Love

Hexagram 57

Consciousness, intelligence and a gentle intent.

A lively and insistent movement touches lightly and sensitively like the wind, thoroughly infiltrating whatever it encounters with little impact. Such gentle penetration is a paradigm for the ability of mind to perceive things without affecting them.

A mind's perceptions can influence its own responses to the world. A conscious mind can freely reflect on its perceptions and respond to them with intelligence and determination. Gentle penetration suggests that a conscious mind heed Love and universal power when choosing its responses.

The hexagram relates to consciousness and intelligence, and applying them with minimum impact while promoting prospects for Love. It means having a carefully evaluated and determined intent that is light of touch, considerate of one's environment and thoughtful of others.

Suggested Responses

Think before you act.

Act when you have thought.

Be mindful of the need for Love.

Have a clear and appropriate aim. Assess your actions in the light of a thorough appraisal of others and your environment. Set priorities so that you are able to recognise opportunities when they arise and can act on them deliberately.

The hexagram may be pointing to something you have recently become aware of and be indicating that an aim can be set in the light of that awareness.

The hexagram may be an acknowledgement by the Oracle that it is aware of something.

The hexagram may be referring to the mindfulness of another person.

A lively, determined but gentle demeanour is appropriate.


Penetration goes too far.
Or, Cleverness is not appropriate.

Scaling the heights of intellect.
Now you can share your understanding.
Be careful.

Cleverly done.
A clear intention is implemented.

Thinking about things again and again.
The intent is not clear.
Or, Limited mindfulness.

Penetrating the mysteries.
Or, An intent becomes clearer.

Clear perception takes patience.
Deliberate action requires a clear intent.
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