Oracle of Love

Hexagram 56


The hexagram means a peak experience.

It describes the wandering of a cyclic motion from the stability of its centre to an extreme of its ambit. Extreme excursions of an enduring cycle are likely to be rare and short-lived. A peak experience will be extraordinary but temporary.

For the Oracle, a peak experience is an expression of spirit in Love. For us it is enlightenment and sexual orgasm.

Enlightenment means being aware of spirituality - consciously feeling its influence or being aware of one's own universal connection. It is an extreme of human awareness that does not last. However, one can maintain an enduring cognizance of spirituality by being considerate of it and following its influence even when not conscious of one's universal nature. Sexual orgasm that is simply spiritually appropriate and considerate is a great personal and spiritual delight.

Our lives are enduring cycles, so peaks of enlightenment and orgasm come again and again. Extreme excursions are energy intensive and will be followed by periods of rest and afterglow.

The hexagram depicts an apex in sexual relation where Love is fulfilled and spirit is attendant in its consummation.

Suggested Responses

Love now!

(Successful sexuality is a delicate affair. While the inspiration to Love can be noble, it is never an excuse to impose on an unwilling partner.)



Enlightenment is invisible.
Love shines.

Climax is fleeting.

Imperfect climax.
Love is nonetheless appropriate.

A beacon of Love.

Too easily brought to orgasm.

This interpretation of the hexagram is significantly different to the classical I Ching understanding.

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