Oracle of Love

Hexagram 55


The hexagram relates to the material infrastructure of life and to material wealth or poverty.

This hexagram is often an assurance of material welfare, that one’s needs are being met, either through one's own efforts or through another’s agency.

Consider that when material nourishment has been taken care of we become free to engage in Love. That is, material nourishment is a support to a spiritually desirable activity rather than an end in itself. Consider too that material needs can be very demanding of our attention, so when dealing with stuff we should take care not to become possessed.

The hexagram may simply be referring to a substance, probably of a hard, bright and showy variety, like metal or gold.

Suggested Responses

The most likely indication is that material nourishment is available, that you may partake of it and enjoy it in moderation.


Unnecessary stuff.

Freedom from care.
Material wealth enjoyed in moderation.

Consolation prize.
Material nourishment is only sufficient to the purpose.

Or, Material clutter is clouding the real issues.

Material activity prepares an environment for Love.

Material activity is not distracting from other matters.
Be confident to engage in it.
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