Oracle of Love

Hexagram 51

Moving hard and fast. Have you got what it takes?

The hexagram describes a hard movement with high momentum - substantial, fast and exciting. There is also the possibility that things can get out of control.

The hexagram is most likely a call to make the physical effort to get up and go. But it can be very difficult to get off a speeding train so, before embarking, you should ensure that you are well fortified and have ready an exit strategy in case you tire or get hurt.

Alternatively, it may mean that you have been involuntarily caught up in a fast moving environment where, if one is not sufficiently quick or robust, one may not be able to keep up, especially if you are an unprepared or reluctant participant.

The use of physical force in overcoming an obstacle may be appropriate at this time.

The hexagram may relate to extreme sports - big waves, cold ice or fast cars. Watch out for buses and avalanches.

Suggested Responses

Make a strong effort to do something physical.

If certain of your purpose and the appropriateness of your action, force may be used to break down a barrier. But if obstacles persist after one or two forceful measures, then it is likely that the action is not appropriate and should be stopped.

Be careful of taking on something that is more demanding than you think. A glamorous job can easily turn into hard labour if you are not up to it. Conversely, it may be that you are already caught up in an extreme activity that you find draining and would like to abandon.


Excitement is not welcome.
Or, Passing up on excitement.

Riding the big wave.
You’ve got what it takes.

Agitation - repeated shock.
Or, Shock is countered.
Strong effort is not successful.
Or, Disabled by shock.

Moving too fast.
Perhaps time is short?

Straining to keep up.
This is no picnic.

Composed, strong and resilient.
Climb every mountain.

The Oracle rarely advocates the use of force. The hexagram POWER discusses the problems of using force, and gives precautions to be taken when contemplating such action.

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