Oracle of Love

Hexagram 50

Carrying a message.

The hexagram means an expression of mind, or a symbolic representation of culture.

It is referring to an item that is a carrier of cultural information, such as a medium of communication, a cultural artefact or an icon. It may also be referring to a specific message being conveyed by such an item.

The possibilities are many. Consider as examples spoken or written language, perhaps a book, music, a musical instrument, a re-player of recorded music, a recording medium itself, or a particular piece of music. It may be referring to a theatre performance, a painting, a film, a message stick, a postal service, a computer, a television or the like. It may also be referring to the particular message being conveyed by such a medium.

Suggested Responses

There is a medium or message of cultural communication deserving of your attention.


The information has spiritual value.
Seek Love.

The medium is true.
The message is delivered.
It may be a Love-letter.

The medium does not carry the message.
Or, The medium is not available.

Information is slow in getting through.

The information is of value.

The medium is empty or not being used.
Or, The information has no value.
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