Oracle of Love

Hexagram 5

Wait, and be optimistic.

The environment is promising of nourishment but its delivery is not certain. This is a time of waiting.

The nourishment may be something that you have been expecting, perhaps in response to a prior initiative, or it may come as a complete surprise.

You may actively cultivate an expectation for something by being optimistic about it, by reminding yourself of it regularly, or by fantasising about how it may play out. However, you should not attempt to actually secure any outcome since your own efforts may be misdirected.

The hexagram relates to expectation of a specific, perhaps singular event. Habitual expectation, whereby one demands the same response every time a stimulus occurs, can only serve to obscure reality.

Suggested Responses

Wait. Be alert for nourishment from outside.

In the meantime, be optimistic. Make preparations in expectation. Get chores out of the way without being distracted by them. Make yourself comfortable so you can be alert.

The promising environment can also be used to make arrangements in anticipation of future nourishment, like making an investment, applying for a job, or making a date.


Be alert. The wait may be close to an end.

Waiting in comfort.

Difficult wait.

Why wait in an uncomfortable chair?
One gets tired and inattentive.

Waiting and ready.

A long wait.
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