The Well

Oracle of Love

Hexagram 48

Be mindful of your deeper feelings.

The hexagram uses the metaphor of a well to describe using one's mind to reach into the depths of one's being and bring one's deeper feelings to the conscious surface.

Our deepest, most sincere, feelings of Love are our connection to spirituality. Bringing them into consciousness brings us to an awareness of our spirituality.

Reaching such depths is not easy. Sincerity is our guide. But sincerity is fragile and mindfulness is needed to recognise sincerity without disrupting it. Persevere through difficulty.

Fetching our deeper feelings into conscious awareness makes them available to be expressed outwardly. However, by exposing our intimate selves in this way we make ourselves vulnerable and should take care about whom we show our hearts to.

Suggested Responses

Make a conscious effort to get in touch with your deeper feelings.

Love can be found.

Meditation may be appropriate.

Careful use of psychoactive drugs can also bring one's deeper feelings to consciousness.


The well overflows.
Celebrate Love.

The treasure is reached.
Love is revealed.

Conditions are not yet right to reach sufficient depth.
Or, The well is being cleaned.

A working well is not being used.
Or, The water is unclean or feelings are not sincere.

The well reaches a great depth.

The well is not working.
Or, The well has not been used for a long time.
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