Oracle of Love

Hexagram 47

Nothing that the right nourishment won’t fix.

The hexagram means need, as a result of resources being exhausted. It could be a need for anything - food, energy, love or stimulation. The hunger is debilitating and if not addressed could spiral out of control. Effort should be made to find nourishment, even if one is tired, for it is unlikely that the situation will resolve by itself.

There isn’t necessarily any external obstacle to nourishment. While it is possible that one's environment is poor, it may also be that one is hungry amidst a sea of plenty.

The hexagram specifically concerns the development of sexual relation. It means hunger for love. One may have enthusiastically embarked on a pursuit of romance but is finding it difficult to engage a suitable partner. Or, if already in relationship, one is separated from one’s partner and longing for togetherness.

A hunger can be exploited: Consider exhaustion as an exhalation to be followed by an inhalation. The deeper the exhalation, the richer the subsequent inhalation. When a hunger is deep, the right nourishment is particularly strengthening.

Address the hunger by constant effort, by keeping it in mind and by longing for a resolution. In the context of sexual relation, deliberately deepening a longing is a gainful strategy to enrich an eventual meeting.

Suggested Responses

There is a need for nourishment of some kind. It is most likely available but is not getting through. Tired as you may be, it is up to you to attend to the need and it is necessary to do so to avoid becoming totally exhausted.

Be aware of the importance of sexual relation at this time. Make time for Love.


Strengthened by the right nourishment.
Or, Starting to move may get the ball rolling again.

Making the effort to find nourishment.

Hunger in the midst of plenty.

Exhausted. Nourishment is denied in spite of one's efforts.
Or, Impaired by hunger. If fasting, it is time to stop.

Hunger heightens desire.

Hunger pangs begin.
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