Sharing Spirituality

Oracle of Love

Hexagram 45

A spiritually significant gathering.

A social gathering is attended by a significant spiritual presence. The participants' deeper, spiritual feelings come close to the surface in their social interaction.

The gathering may be of a large group of people, a few friends or with an intimate partner. It may take the form of a simple enjoyment of nature and togetherness, a sharing of ideas or experiences, or a glorious expression of theatrical splendour.

The spiritual participation may be experienced differently by each person. For most it will be an imperceptible backdrop to their social activity, but some may become aware of it and may even recognise each other sharing awareness of it.

Ceremony and ritual may structure a social activity or guide one's attention to spirituality but cannot ensure significance to the spiritual presence.

Suggested Responses

Take opportunities to gather with others.

If there is a social occasion coming up, partake in it keeping in mind that there may be a significant spiritual presence. If appropriate, honour the presence with Love.

If you are not in a position to get out, then at least associate with others indirectly through social media.


Please join with us.
Spirit requests.

Sharing spirituality and Love.

Bringing people together.
Take opportunities for Love.

Make an effort to join with others.

Letting oneself be drawn to a social gathering.

Reaching out to others.

It may be helpful to read the hexagram SPIRITUALITY.

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