Oracle of Love

Hexagram 44

There is an unwelcome presence. Resistance pays.

The hexagram describes the opening stage of a decline where pollution is being noticed for the first time and decay is starting to show.

At this very early stage the decline may be delayed or even averted by appropriate resistance.

However, the decay may be difficult to detect and one's own behaviour may be inadvertently assisting it.

The hexagram is a wake up call not to be lulled into decline.

Suggested Responses

You are tempted to fall in with an activity that is apparently harmless but is distracting you from attending to more important matters. It should be stopped.

If you are not able to identify the offending activity, then you should suspend as many of your activities as you can afford until the area where your attention is needed becomes clear.

Once the desired attention has been paid you may be able to resume the activities you have suspended.


Resisting with force.

There is no real threat of decline.
One may engage the intruder with care.

The intruder is well hidden.

Tempted to fall in with the decline.

The unwelcome presence is necessary and can be accommodated.

Stop it immediately.
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