Oracle of Love

Hexagram 43

Almost there.

A long held aim is within one's grasp.

The hexagram describes the closing stages of a development where the thrust of the main journey is over and only the final, delicate docking has yet to be completed.

A multifaceted approach is called for. Attention should be shifted from the journey to the destination so as to be certain of hitting the target, but anticipation should not distract one from taking care of the final details of the journey. It is also necessary to appreciate past contributions that others have made to the journey’s success by giving thanks and settling debt, and ensuring that no issues are left outstanding. All this is feasible since the closure is graceful rather than hectic.

Love may follow the successful closure.

Suggested Responses

There is an opportunity for fulfilment. It probably relates to participating in Love.

Carefully resolve all outstanding matters so that the closure can be completed gracefully.

Be vigilant to ensure that the end is the destination desired.

The mode of the closure is confident and serene. This is not a time for dogged determination or desperate action.


Something has been left undone.
Or, One is distracted from the target.
There is still time to correct and find Love.

Making the closure.
Expecting the kiss.
Stay vigilant.

Closer to the end than you think.
But don’t rely on this augury alone to get you there.

Getting tired and the end is not yet in sight.
Or, Don’t boast about a job not yet finished.

The quality of the work that has been done makes for confidence about reaching the end. Give thanks.

Still pushing hard.
Closure requires a more delicate touch.
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