Oracle of Love

Hexagram 41

Calm down.

A state of calm and disengagement is enforced. Advances are not responded to. Movement slows and interest subsides. Interactions become cool and unexciting.

One may be suffering a calm that has been imposed by an unfavourable environment such as an unreceptive audience or an unwilling partner, or it may be that one is overly excited and needs to calm down.

It may be that one finds a proffered engagement uninviting.

An imposed becalming may be accepted with serenity or resented. One may try to end the calm or just sit it out.

There is no scope for achievement as things stand. Until things change, there is no prospect of Love.

Suggested Responses

If calm is imposed on you unwillingly and a remedy is available, then take it, but there is no point going to great lengths in these conditions.

If you are agitated then make a conscious effort to calm down.


The calm is spiritually sourced.
It’s OK to be cool.

Bearing the stillness graciously.


Calm things down.

Effort could be made to end the calm.

Dead calm.
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