Oracle of Love

Hexagram 38


The hexagram describes a time when differences are accentuated and things tend to separate out. It also relates to that which is unfamiliar and the experience of diversity.

This is not an easy time. It is more difficult to relate to those who are different from ourselves than to those who are like us and adjusting to the unfamiliar can be uncomfortable. The situation can be made even more challenging when those we are encountering are emphasising their differences, even amongst themselves.

The hexagram means separation and loneliness.

It is necessary to remember that we all share a spiritual connection so there is a possibility of harmony between us. The most indirect of connections can be built on to negotiate cooperation using tact and compromise.

There is also a wealth to be found in diversity. By expanding our horizons to accept those who are different from ourselves we reap the reward of a wider experience.

Rejecting difference leads to isolation. Contrasts stand out more than similarities and can easily be exaggerated into xenophobia.

Suggested Responses

It is likely that you are lonely, or are experiencing a larger degree of diversity than you are comfortable with.

Although it may be difficult, greater benefit is to be had by accommodating differences rather than by rejecting them.

When differences show up in personal relationships, we have the choice of accentuating the differences, which would likely lead to isolation and hostility, or looking for compromise and appreciating the diversity that is acceptable.

A time of separation need not prevent one from embarking on enterprise. This may even be a good time to venture out. But understand that things will not be easy and that effort will be needed to accommodate the many differences that will arise.


The time of separation lasts only for a while.

Accepting of difference.
Diversity is intensely rewarding.

Comrades in loneliness.

The loneliness is keenly felt.

A respite from loneliness in which the common ground is recognised.

Correcting for small differences.
Perhaps there is no need.
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