Oracle of Love

Hexagram 36

No communication.

The hexagram depicts an absence of light. It may also be referring to a light that is dim or obscured, to a medium that inhibits the passage of light, to someone who will or cannot see or to there being no one at all to see a light. Whether a light is absent, obscured or is not being seen, nothing is getting through. The hexagram is a metaphor for poor communication of any kind - no light, warmth, energy or information is getting through.

The hexagram means no communication.

In darkness expression is impaired, culture is diminished and we become lonely. In the absence of communication we cannot find Love.

The hexagram may also mean concealment, suggesting a strategy for coping with the darkness by hiding or keeping a low profile until a more favourable time.

In spite of the wintry outlook, the hexagram indicates one's feelings are sincere and a strong potential for movement remains, meaning that the darkness will not last and one's integrity can be maintained through the ordeal. In spite of the darkness one's capacity for communication is not lost.

The hexagram may simply be relating to the darkness of night.

Suggested Responses

A lack of communication is affecting you.

It may be that you are contributing to the darkness through an activity of your own and ceasing that activity may lighten the situation. But it could also be that you have to endure the darkness, in which case you need to have a long-term perspective, perhaps taking thought of how to assist the recovery when it does come.

You can rely on your capacity for Love and warmth never being extinguished.


The source of darkness.
Darkness ultimately eclipses itself.

Finding a place to hide.
Sitting the darkness out without succumbing.

No hope here.
Take flight to a lighter place.
Or, Love walks out the door.

Shining alone in the dark.

A source of light in difficult times.

At the edge of darkness.
Withdraw before things get serious.

This interpretation of the hexagram differs from a classical I Ching understanding in that it refers to darkness itself rather than a process of becoming dark.

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