Brightening the Bright

Oracle of Love

Hexagram 35

Time to shine!

The hexagram depicts a light surmounting the dark. This is a light that is particularly bright, clearly visible and effortlessly perceived. Such commanding illumination is a metaphor for communication of any kind that is conspicuously offered, flows freely and is readily received.

Something that was dark is revealed.

The hexagram also indicates that the feeling animating the communication is sincere, meaning that the communication may not only be fruitful, it may also be warm and Loving.

This is a time when inspiration, circumstances and resources coincide in a flowering of communication, culture and Love.

Suggested Responses

Take advantage of the easy communication and openness to sincerity.

Expose your deeper feelings. Make yourself known truly, brightly and warmly.

Be receptive and responsive to the disclosures of others.

Take advantage of the time to Love.


Dazzlingly bright.
Be careful not to overdo it.

The light outshines all difficulty.
Love comes easy.

Plenty of light but it is not being used.
The easy communication is not taken advantage of.

Obstructions to communication can be overcome.

Open to light and Love.

Bright but not yet easy.
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