Oracle of Love

Hexagram 34

Handle with care.

The hexagram relates to personal power, that is power directly or indirectly under one’s own control. Personal power may be exercised physically, psychologically or psychically, as an individual or as part of a group.

The hexagram describes a stage of development where strength has accumulated sufficiently for one to make a powerful thrust.

Expressions of power are risky. They need to be measured carefully. The use of force can amplify mistakes and generate unwanted reactions. One must also be mindful of not impinging on bystanders. Importantly, expressions of personal power are likely to obscure the more subtle spiritual influence of universal power.

The hexagram is therefore not necessarily advocating that power be used. On the one hand it may be indicating that the time is conducive to an expression of personal power, but on the other it may be questioning the need for doing so. If one harbours any uncertainty of purpose it is better to refrain from acting forcefully than to expose oneself or others to risk.

If one nonetheless chooses to exercise power, one must assume a responsibility of care and control. This means using the least amount of power necessary to get the job done and being in conscious control of it at all times. Most importantly, it means being confident in one's ability to stop, and in one's ability to recognise when the time to stop has come.

Suggested Responses

If you are in a position of power then take particular care in your decisions at this time.

If you are certain that acting forcefully is appropriate then do so, with due consideration of care and control.

If you are already acting forcefully, then re-consider that action, possibly as to the level of care and control but more likely as to whether force is necessary at all.

If you feel that the Oracle is asking you to moderate your action then avoid using psychological and psychic power.

If you are not aware of acting forcefully in any way then cease even your mildest activity so that nothing you do interferes with the expression of universal power.


Power used excessively.
Withdraw immediately.

Knowing when to stop.
Power is controlled or withheld.

Dealing with power appropriately.

Using power is not appropriate.

Power used sparingly with care and control.

Too eager. Not controlled. Not ready.

It may be helpful to compare the non-personal form of power described by the hexagram Universal Power.

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