Oracle of Love

Hexagram 32


The hexagram describes a cyclic motion that is so well balanced, or wanders so little from the stability of its centre, that it endures.

Lack of variation may make it peaceful but uninteresting.

The hexagram means continuing in a regular routine.

Such movement is a model for many of the enduring harmonic motions found in the natural world, such as the revolution of the earth around the sun.

The hexagram may also mean that a suspended movement is resumed.

Suggested Responses

This is not a time to make changes. Continue with whatever you are doing.

If things are dull, bear with them. This may be a time when there is simply nothing special to do. It may be spent doing chores or being mildly entertained.

If times are good enjoy them while they last. Pass bad times patiently.

The hexagram may be referring to a particular task or event that is part of your regular routine, or is suggesting that it should be.


This condition should not be allowed to endure.
Or, No peace.

Enduring through devotion.


Doesn't last long.
Or, Not much time available.
Or, Impatience changes nothing.

Strength to endure.

Too soon to expect a change.
Or, Stability comes early.

A general teaching of the Oracle is to act only at the appropriate time. Times of activity are relatively infrequent, so long periods are sometimes endured waiting for the right moment. By understanding this leisured pace for appropriate action, we can reduce our anxieties regarding our spiritual purposes.

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