Oracle of Love

Hexagram 30

Clear communication.

The hexagram means communication, as epitomised by the illumination of light. It may mean shining a light, seeing a light or seeing what a light reveals. It implies that the light is bright, that the medium through which it shines is transparent and that the light is quickly and clearly perceived. The hexagram means successful communication.

It may be that one's feelings and thoughts can be externalised to be perceptible to others or that another’s expression can be clearly perceived, and that there are no intervening obstacles to their conveyance. It may also be that one's general environment can be clearly seen. Brightness of expression and clarity of perception are assisted by clarity of mind.

Just as they make for fast communication, brightness and clarity can pass quickly. Be quick to get the picture.

The hexagram may simply be referring to the presence of light or clarity, perhaps to a bright sunny day or the light of a fire, or to a general openness to communication.

The hexagram relates specifically to communications between things that are not unified by their act of communicating, so that qualities such as speed, brightness and clarity play a role in the communication.

Suggested Responses

There is an opportunity for clear expression or perception.

Look for light and Love.

The opportunity may be brief.


Brightly expressed and shared with others.

A transparent mind shines with the radiance of Love.

Brightness is brief.

An opportunity to communicate is missed.
Or, An expression is not appropriate.
Or, Missing the point.

The light of the midday sun illumines the deepest crevasse.
Communication is crystal clear.

Communication is not clear.
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