Oracle of Love

Hexagram 29

Sincerity gives strength.

The hexagram means strength on the inside and weakness on the outside. External conditions are difficult but one finds strength internally.

With strength on the inside one is able to probe oneself deeply and get to the heart of a matter. The hexagram also means sincerity.

By reaching to the feelings of Love at the depths of one's being one can connect with the life-springs least affected by outside influences. Sincerity of feeling provides the strength to weather the difficulty.

The hexagram has a strong association with water. The conduct of water serves as a model for the authentic behaviour that arises from sincerity. Water finds the easiest way round every difficulty by remaining true to its deepest being.

Suggested Responses

You are on a course that has or will become difficult. Be true to your inmost feelings. This is not a time for extroversion or enterprise.

The hexagram may simply be referring to the presence of water, to a cool drink, the beauty of a river or, perhaps it’s calling, “Surf’s up!”.


The difficulty is overwhelming.

The difficulty does not overwhelm.
The water does not overflow.

Modest and sincere.
Action is valued for its merit, not its form.

Adrift and lost.

The spring of sincerity.
Here is something to hold on to.

The difficulty is great.
Sincerity may be too deep to reach.
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