Oracle of Love

Hexagram 28


The hexagram describes a state of imbalance where the strong is too strong and the weak is too weak. A load is getting too heavy to bear.

If the weak continually surrenders while the strong becomes more demanding, the result is a victory for one and a defeat for the other. Domination is a condition that cannot last.

Domination can give rise to enormous energy and growth. Witness the spectacle of tyranny and empire. But a relentless dominator will be left with only itself to feed on and a brief glory will give way to self-destruction.

Suggested Responses

Opposing forces are not evenly matched.

If you are in the dominant position consider moderating your excess.

In the weaker position there is little you can do except rest when you are able.


The strain is too great and the weak gives way.
The weaker contender is free of blame.

Benevolent domination.
Even in a marriage of unequals Love can be found.

Domination is moderated.
Or, The load can be carried.

Aggressive domination.
Or, The load cannot be carried.

Resigned to being dominated.
Even in a marriage of unequals Love can be found.

Mindful of the load and careful to avoid excess.

It may be helpful to compare this hexagram with its opposite hexagram MODESTY.

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