Oracle of Love

Hexagram 27


The hexagram means provision of the necessary support so that success may come at its appropriate time.

The environment is accommodating. Support is available. The time for the actual success may or may not be now, but the time to provide for it is now. Abundance now may be stored for later or passed on to someone else.

One may be a provider or receiver of support. It should be offered sympathetically, without ulterior motive, and can be accepted graciously.

Suggested Responses

The hexagram may relate to providing support for oneself or one's dependants in such forms as food, health, education and investment.

It may also suggest offering provision to a spiritual audience, perhaps by taking spiritual education or searching out Love; or accepting support from a spiritual source.

It can be understood as coming to the aid of someone in distress, or receiving help when in distress.

It can indicate as ordinary a task as going shopping or something nobler like giving to charity.

Provide for Love.


Food of the gods. Seek Love.

Spiritual support.

Working hard at providing or finding support.

Or, Provision is rejected.
Or, Provision is denied.

Provide for yourself before seeking support from others.

Provision is available yet one does not or cannot partake.
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