Oracle of Love

Hexagram 25

No blame.

The hexagram acknowledges the innocence of one's position or activity in regard to the spiritual world.

If engaged in an enterprise of one’s own making, it indicates that one may proceed free of any concern that the enterprise is in conflict with with the spiritual world, or that one's engagement with the enterprise is distracting from more spiritually rewarding activities.

If events are a cause for concern and they have not arisen from one’s own conscious intent, then the hexagram is confirming that one need not feel personally responsible for their occurrence. This does not absolve one of the responsibility to deal with these events but if one is not directly involved it is preferable to maintain a distance and not react unnecessarily.

Suggested Responses

Don’t concern yourself with questions of guilt for unfolding events.

If you have no direct connection with them it is best to keep a low profile.

An enterprise may be undertaken if opportunities are available. Note that spiritual innocence is just that. There is no implication for the success or otherwise of an enterprise.

The hexagram may be a statement of innocence on the part of the Oracle itself.


Non-action is an innocent course.
Maintain your distance.

Spiritually innocent.

No blame.

Undeserved misfortune.

An enterprise may be undertaken in innocence.

Don’t get involved.
Let things unfold of their own accord.
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