Oracle of Love

Hexagram 24

The starting point. Stay home.

The hexagram deals with the time of birth, the earliest stage of a development. It also deals with the place of birth and the need to provide an undisturbed environment for the newborn.

The newly born is vulnerable. It is not ready to expose itself to the outside world and should not venture far from home. In the early stages of an enterprise one should recognise the likelihood of making mistakes and not set one's sights too high.

The hexagram also means returning to a starting point, either as a repetitive cycle starting again or as a homecoming.

Suggested Responses

There is advantage to be had by staying or returning home.

Alternatively, the Oracle is commenting on an event that has or will be repeated, or on the start of a new enterprise.

It may also be indicating that you have made a mistake and need to start again.


Too late for the start.
Or, Venturing too far from home.
Or, Not realising one has erred.

Or, A returning cycle that is consistent and dependable.

Undisturbed start.

Unnecessary repetitions could become habitual.

Not straying from home.
Or, Confident that the cycle will repeat.

A brief venture away from home.
Or, Events repeat in quick succession.
Or, Realising one’s error quickly.
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