Oracle of Love

Hexagram 23

Looking back.

The hexagram describes the final stage of a decline, where resources are about to run out and the end is at hand.

There is no further significance to the current season. All its meaning is found by looking back into the past.

Allow the season to conclude gracefully. We may store that which is most precious as a seed for the next season and sacrifice our remaining resources to nourish its germination.

Expenditure of rare resources at this time may make a situation very fragile and something may break. Avoid exertion even though action may be warranted.

Suggested Responses

It’s over. Something is coming to an end. There is most likely nothing you can do other than let issues settle. You may actively seek a termination but beware of breaking things unnecessarily.

If you have sown a seed, that seed is now independent and will make its own way.

Times change and new situations arise. Wait.

The Oracle may use this hexagram to indicate that it is referring to a situation that is ending or has passed rather than to one that is approaching.

It may also use this hexagram to indicate that a task has been completed, or that a task cannot be completed because of a lack of resources.


Not an ultimate end.
Or, The seed of something new.

Welcome end.
Or, Mission accomplished.


Ending something that shouldn’t have arisen in the first place.
Or, Something ends before it can even start.
Or, Unnecessary ending.

Graceful conclusion.

Premature ending.
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