Oracle of Love

Hexagram 21

Teasing (tantalising, not harassing).

An attraction is particularly strong, yet the offered delight just cannot be reached. The target keeps moving. No matter how close one gets, there is always a little further to go.

Retreat or abandoning an enterprise is not an appropriate response. There is an aim to be achieved and a solution needs to be found.

Greater force will only encounter greater frustration.

Sometimes one gets so close to catching a quarry that the actual act of grasping is preventing it from being caught. Rather let the quarry hover, not needing to escape, between two open hands.

The frustration arises from external factors rather than any inadequacy of one’s own.

Acute frustration can be relieved by applying a temporary or partial remedy.

Frustration can also be exploited. Teasing arouses desire. Anticipation and foreplay focus the attention. Initial frustration may heighten an eventual delight .

The hexagram has meaning for the development of sexual relation. It describes a mature relationship where the partners are able to play with love in spite of impediments to their intimacy.

Suggested Responses

You are being frustrated in an endeavour or in Love, and it is not a result of your own shyness or ineptitude.

While you cannot compel an outcome, you may be able to find an alternate or compromise solution, or you can tease the situation as a stimulant towards eventual success.

Be mindful of sexual relation.

Make an effort to find Love.


Soothe frustration.

Making a bright, attractive offering.

The quarry steps between your hands.
Don’t close them.

The pain of helplessness and longing.

Teasing heightens desire.
The goal is made clear.

Teased mercilessly.
Enjoy the ride.

This interpretation of the hexagram is completely different to a classical I Ching understanding.

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