Oracle of Love

Hexagram 20

Think and observe.

The hexagram describes a late stage in a decline where one’s few remaining resources have been concentrated into a last ditch defensive position, as may happen with old age. Progress or recovery is out of the question. One is resigned to the end and is now only a passive spectator to any ongoing purpose.

But it is the most valuable resources that have been left for last, so even though one is no longer playing an active role one has accumulated wisdom and gained a position of vantage from which to contemplate the world.

This is a time for contemplation rather than action, for thinking about things rather than doing them or for observing others do things rather than doing them oneself.

In contemplation there is less risk than in action. One can afford to be bold in one's thoughts and observations.

Suggested Responses

Withdraw from the front to the sidelines. Find an elevated position away from the action so you have time to think and can get a wider perspective of the world.

This may be a good time to review the past, perhaps with the benefit of hindsight.

Aim high in your contemplation. Think big thoughts. Get a good view. See the world.

Love may be discovered.


Wisdom beyond the world.
Love shines.

Mature, bold contemplation.
Discover Love.

One is assisted to contemplation and the world is seen clearly.

One’s resources are insufficient for a bold contemplation.

Only seeing part of the picture.
Be bolder.

Immature contemplation.
Aspire to a higher view.
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