Oracle of Love

Hexagram 2

Allow things to happen.

The hexagrams of the Oracle are constructed from the two building blocks of Yang and Yin, as represented by the solid and broken lines of which they are composed. This hexagram contains only broken lines, and so epitomises the qualities of Yin.

Yin’s primary quality is absolute receptivity to Yang. Yin devotedly responds to each of Yang’s initiatives by providing a perfectly complementary opposite to receive it, whatever it is, thereby letting it happen.

By following Yang in this way, Yin gives meaning to Yang and to every one of its initiatives. As well, Yin's guarantee of reception and its welcoming complementarity are irresistibly attractive promises, that add fuel to Yang's desire.

Yin has the qualities of yieldingness, ordinariness and emptiness that complement Yang’s qualities of strength, importance and fullness of presence.

Yin’s reception of Yang’s initiative is not without character. Yin has the privilege of choosing an enthusiasm (or restraint) to its reception of each initiative, which affects the initiative’s outcome. Yin gives shape to Yang’s raw energy.

At one extreme, Yin may choose to restrain an initiative so severely as to stifle it, but at the other, Yin may respond with such unqualified enthusiasm that the initiative takes on a life of its own. The Oracle has a great regard for these requited initiatives. They are the heart of its conception of Love .

The meaning of the hexagram is in receptivity to another’s overtures, in choosing the enthusiasm with which one accommodates them, and in the greatness that may come from responding unreservedly.

This hexagram also represents one of twelve stages in the cycle of development and decline, an important principle for the Oracle . It describes the stage at the start of a new cycle and at the end of an old one, a state of pure emptiness from which a development commences or into which a decline concludes.

Suggested Responses

The Oracle is encouraging you to be receptive, or is acknowledging current receptive behaviour.

Behaving receptively means accommodating another’s overtures while allowing your own character to shape the compliance.

Attract others by promising fulfilment of their desires. Take interest and respond to opportunities on offer. Allow things to happen where it is in your power to do so.

Respond wholeheartedly to offers of Love.


Stifling restraint.
Or, Initiative from one who should follow.

A moderate restraint does not deter Love.
Or, Active behaviour in response to a passive lead.
Or, Receptive behaviour from one who may lead.

Unwilling receipt.

Take things as they come.
Respond with restraint if they are distasteful.

Wholehearted receptivity lets Love happen.

Emptiness that remains empty serves no purpose.
Make room for gifts or be more generous in your responses.

No gender is associated with Yin. Both male and female organisms are capable of being receptive.

A more detailed description of the dynamics of the Yin-Yang relationship is provided in the section The Notion of Yin and Yang, or you may like to compare hexagram YANG.

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