Oracle of Love

Hexagram 19

Looking ahead.

The hexagram describes a stage of development where something new shows itself to the outside world for the first time and finds that the world is supportive of it. It has an encouraging future to look forward to.

The hexagram means looking ahead, by offering encouragement or being encouraged to face the future.

The hexagram also means learning. A newcomer is keen to learn about the world and the world is open to being explored. Learning is meant in the sense of feeling one's way by encounter and exploration rather than by rote and repetition.

Look forward to Love.

Suggested Responses

You are being encouraged in an endeavour or to offer encouragement to others in their endeavours.

Be open to new ideas and new people and embark on new explorations.

Bring enthusiasm and thoroughness to your endeavours. Research the new, facilitate meetings with it, explore and engage with it. Flirt!

The Oracle may be using this hexagram to point to a situation showing future promise rather than one whose significance is in the past.


Encouragement to spiritual endeavour.
Approach Love.

Rewarding encounter.

Encourage another's advances.

This is not the time for a conservative approach.
One may show more enthusiasm.

A debut is received with enthusiasm.

You are not alone in your enthusiasm.
Your efforts are being encouraged.
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