Oracle of Love

Hexagram 18

There is something to be done.
Do it now.

Determination is required to perform a task or overcome an obstruction. This means thorough, concerted and persistent effort. It requires bringing one's mind to bear on the task in that the work be intelligently planned and executed and the sensitivities of the situation be considered.

The task has a specific purpose and it is necessary to be aware of that purpose before acting. The priority is to achieve the purpose rather than to stick to a plan. Having a flexible plan allows one to keep the purpose in mind while responding to situations and sensitivities as they develop.

The task is urgent. Start as soon as possible.

Suggested Responses

Something needs to be done. If you cannot do it immediately then at least ensure you have a plan in place. This is not a time to shirk because things have become too hard or you are too tired. It is necessary to wake up and rouse what energies you can.

Don't act blindly. You need to know exactly what is to be achieved before making a move.

If you are not aware of any urgent requirement then take the time, now if possible, to examine your situation more carefully. Something is out of place, probably preventing an expression of Love.

If you are already engaged in a determined effort, you are being encouraged in your determination.


One acts on the highest of impulses.
There is opportunity for Love.

One's actions are considered and appropriate.
One can do no better under the circumstances.

Prevented from performing one's task.

Determined action fails.
Or, Inconsiderate determination.

Determined action opens an opportunity for Love.

Slow, deliberate action is welcome.
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