Oracle of Love

Hexagram 17

Understanding, then choosing to follow.

The meaning of an influence becomes clear. Its message is understood and arouses sympathy.

One may now choose to follow the influence and respond to it.

The hexagram has meaning for the development of sexual relation. Desire has been awakened and one now willingly embarks on the pursuit of love, or one is inclined to take interest in the overtures of a suitor. Inexperience may be accompanied by shyness and awkwardness, but also by intrigue and fascination. The hexagram means falling in love.

Suggested Responses

There is an influence or principle that you have recently understood. If you have not already accepted its influence and begun to act on it, then you should consider doing so now.

Opportunities for romance should be pursued with vigour. You may not yet express yourself with confidence but there is only one way to learn – do it.

Care should be taken when accepting an outside influence. Even though you might have understood an argument or proposition, do not act on it if it runs contrary to your own sentiments.

If you are already following a principle, the Oracle is confirming that your actions are consistent with it. For example, it may be indicating that you have correctly understood the meaning of a previously cast hexagram.


The leader appreciates the follower following.
Or, Requited love.

Following finds Love.

Making the choice as to whether to follow.

The influence is understood, but one's response is not appropriate.
The influence should be taken seriously.

The influences are merely entertaining distractions.

There is a strong new influence and you may respond to it.
Or, A change of leader.
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