Oracle of Love

Hexagram 15

The strong supports or yields to the weak.

Modesty means voluntarily maintaining a lowly position when one actually has the strength to have one’s way.

When the strong supports the weak, sustainable growth arises. When the strong dominates, there may be a brief show of glory but the end result is stagnation or decay.

Modesty underwrites the success of the cosmos. Modesty is the virtue that sustains movement between Yin and Yang. If it were otherwise, the weak would be stifled by the strong and all movement would cease. Modest action taps a very deep strength.

The spiritual presence on earth is supremely modest. Know how mild is its expression.

Modesty generates opportunities for Love.

Suggested Responses

In relating to others, yield even though you have the strength to have your way.

This does not necessarily imply inaction, and you can actively support others. But action arising from a sense of modesty will have an extremely light touch.

There may be an opportunity for Love.

So great is the value placed upon modesty that casting this hexagram can always be interpreted as an expression of approval by the Oracle.

A corollary virtue to modesty is duty – doing what is needed of one rather than doing what one desires for oneself.


When the weak is quiet, modest strength can shine through.
When the weak too is modest, Love shines.

Let the strength of others shine through you.
Gentle action is appropriate.
Love is here.

Even those with powerful connections can live modestly.

This is the source of strength and yet its position is modest.

Yielding to others is appropriate behaviour.
Allow Love.

Modesty is laudable even when taken to extremes.
Conscientious attention to duty.
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