Oracle of Love

Hexagram 13

Pleasure in friends and acquaintances.

The hexagram deals with social relationships beyond the family but still within one's zone of personal comfort.

Companionship is characterised by a sharing of personal warmth without the intensity of intimate relationship and free of the formality needed when dealing with society at large. It may take the form of a light-hearted banter or a heartfelt interest in a friend's well-being.

Companionship is not restricted to people of one's own kind. It can easily be extended to strangers.

The comfort in companionship allows people to express themselves openly and accept divergent viewpoints. Great wealth is to be found in open and diverse company.

Suggested Responses

Pay attention to friends and acquaintances. Get to meet strangers. Offer companionship to other beings, such as animals.

Let your companions feel comfortable to express themselves openly.

If you are not in a position to get out, then at least associate with others indirectly through social media such as books, TV etc.


Companionship with strangers.

Companionship rich in diversity.

Companions are free to meet.

Companions are separated.

Open companionship.

Companionship from a comfortable distance.
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