Oracle of Love

Hexagram 12


The hexagram describes a stage of decline where one realises that one no longer has the upper hand and must accept the possibility of defeat.

The hexagram means impotence in the face of strong opposition.

One is constrained by an unsupportive environment while one still has a task to accomplish. The objective is out of reach.

The impasse may only be temporary. There may be other ways or other times to achieve one's goals. But the impasse may also be insurmountable, which means defeat.

Suggested Responses

There is something to be done but effort is likely to be expended in vain. It is advisable to cease expensive activities and conserve energy.

It may pay to accept defeat and save whatever you can from the situation. There may be other opportunities to achieve your aims.

It is possible that the constraining force is not of overwhelming strength but should still be respected. For example, it may be necessary to abandon an ambition purely out of consideration for other people’s feelings.

Note that the constraint arises from external factors rather than any inadequacy of one's own.


The impasse does not last.

Appropriately stuck.
There is benefit in being constrained at this time.

The defeat is accepted and damage is minimal.

Conserve energy.

There is no way forward.
Bear the defeat with grace.

An impasse approaches.
Prepare for possible defeat.
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