Oracle of Love

Hexagram 10

Nobody's listening.

The hexagram describes an absence of external relationship. It describes a time when people pay little or no attention to each other or to their external environment. They are preoccupied with themselves.

Perhaps one passes things by without noticing them, or one finds nothing outside oneself of interest, or one chooses to restrict one's attention to oneself.

It may be that external events are not relevant to one's current activity.

Suggested Responses

Focus on yourself and on activities you do alone.

Others are likely to be ignoring you, which offers an opportunity to go unnoticed. Keep a low profile.

The hexagram may be indicating that an external matter you are engrossed in is not significant to the Oracle.


The time of indifference is nearing an end.

Or, Doing OK on your own.

In a world of one's own.

Caught in a cage of apathy.
One passes by, or is passed by, unwillingly.

Comfortable with one’s own company.

Keep a low profile.

This interpretation of the hexagram is significantly different to a classical I Ching understanding.

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