Oracle of Love

Hexagram 1

Energy and initiative.

The hexagrams of the Oracle are constructed from the two building blocks of Yang and Yin, as represented by the solid and broken lines of which they are composed. This hexagram contains only solid lines, and so epitomises the qualities of Yang.

Yang is the prime mover. Yang energetically conceives a stream of initiatives, to which Yin responds by providing a perfectly complementary opposite to receive every initiative, thereby letting it happen and giving it meaning. Yin's receptivity is irresistibly attractive to Yang.

Yang has the qualities of strength, presence and importance to empower its initiatives.

The success of an initiative depends on the enthusiasm with which Yin chooses to receive it. An enthusiastic reception will lead to Love while a subdued reception will end in a standstill or see Yang tire and perhaps abandon the initiative.

The meaning of the hexagram is in initiative, energising it with desire so that it may find Love.

This hexagram also represents one of twelve stages in the cycle of development and decline, a general principle of the Oracle. It describes the stage of being fully present at the culmination of a development.

Suggested Responses

The hexagram is encouraging you to take the initiative, or is affirming an activity you have initiated.

Offer opportunities for Love. Power your offers with desire, remembering that initiative means taking the lead, not making demands or bearing down with force.

Alternatively, the hexagram may be referring to the presence or influence of a leader.


Abusive initiative.
Perhaps the leader asks too much.

Spiritual initiative.
Offer Love.

When unsure, lead with many small initiatives.

Initiative is not well received.
One may tire.

Earthly initiative.
Offer Love.

Clear in one's desire but refraining from action.

No gender is associated with Yang. Both male and female organisms are capable of initiative.

A more detailed description of the dynamics of the Yin-Yang relationship is provided in the section The Notion of Yin and Yang.

Hexagram YIN also contributes to this discussion.

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