Oracle of Love
Hexagram 64

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Love now.

The hexagram means ripening into fullness, coming of age, or attainment of adulthood. A promise or purpose can be fulfilled.

This is the time to accomplish an aim. It may be so easy that one need do no more than watch the pieces fall into place, or one may actively participate in the fulfilment.

Take care not to be distracted. Timing is important.

The hexagram describes the full development of sexual relation. Feelings are sincere and clearly expressed. A marriage can be consummated.

Fulfil the promise of Love.


Not there yet.
Celebration is premature.

A marriage of the deepest sincerity and brightest expression.
Love now.

Promise is fulfilled.
Love now.

Not a grand accomplishment but a purpose is fulfilled.

Well aimed and ready.
No need to rush.

Don’t close too early.