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Hexagram 54

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A reluctant marriage.

Participants in a relationship have the right ingredients for success but their attitudes do not align constructively. The result is a partial success, measured by each one's readiness to compromise.

If unwilling lovers can compromise their differences to the point of allowing a close encounter to take place, the meeting will not be diminished by their original reluctance. Even in compromising circumstances Love is possible.

Perfection is the stuff of dreams. Success can never be guaranteed. Don’t lose an opportunity for real accomplishment by demanding perfection.

If there is benefit to be had by compromise, do so.

Compromise, especially, for the sake of Love.


Even a compromise may be difficult to reach.
Or, Compromise is not appropriate.

A compromise is found.
Love shines.

Love is delayed.

A deeply compromised position.
If one can bear the strain one may still continue.

Unrequited love.
The ardour of one partner makes the marriage.

Not perfect, but a marriage achieves its purpose.