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Do not disturb.

The hexagram describes a process proceeding undisturbed.

It means actively resisting disturbance to the process - preventing new movements from starting and ensuring existing movements continue without change - in a manner that is modest so as not to disturb.

By simply refusing to be moved by a disturbance oneself, one may act as a shield against it for others and ensure that one's own movements do not disturb.

The hexagram means resisting change, it does not mean stopping all movement.

You are involved in a situation that is, or should be, left undisturbed. Don't disturb it, and don't allow external events to disturb it.

If nothing is happening then let things stay that way.

Resist change.

Refuse to be moved.

Don't overdo your resistance.


Modest resistance prevents disturbance.
Or, An activity is not disturbing.
Love is possible.

Not disturbing or being disturbed.

Passively resisting disturbance.

Actively resisting disturbance.

Proceeding undisturbed.

An immovable mountain.