Oracle of Love
Hexagram 42

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Controlled excitement.

A strong attraction between diverse partners drives a lively and exciting dance. The dancers’ vigour is balanced by respect for each other and a desire to stay in step.

The hexagram depicts advanced sexual relation in which confident, well-matched lovers inspire each other to ever greater exhilaration, while keeping their dance centred and they themselves balanced and considerate.

In a more general sense, the hexagram describes controlled excitement, like the power and grace of an ocean wave whose strength and elegance can stimulate all who look on.

The mood is very optimistic and celebrates both mind and body. This is a time of high culture, strong interest, vivid colours and rich sounds. It is a time for speed and agility to be expressed with strength and style.

The time abounds with opportunities for Love.

Get physical. Get moving. Take interest. Participate.

Make Love.

Although the accent is on excitement, the situation also calls for balance and control.


If the excitement is too great, dance a little slower.

Strength, sensitivity, timing, flair: What a dancer!
Love now.

Centred at the balancing point.
There is great power here.

Incomplete stimulation.

Looking for thrills.
Allow Love.

The source of excitement.
Love now.