Oracle of Love
Hexagram 40

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Freedom and achievement.

The hexagram describes a release from constraint that coincides with a powerful urge to move, so that the release is explosive, like a seedpod bursting.

Motivation and freedom also combine to deliver great achievement. The hexagram means achievement, especially after a period of difficulty.

This is an auspicious time. Make the most of the favourable conditions by drawing on your deepest feelings. Sincerity of feeling promotes confidence.

Take advantage of the time to Love.

The hexagram may also mean that one delivers others their freedom.

The explosiveness of the deliverance may be exhausting and followed by a period of rest.

Let go the brakes and oil the wheels – this is a special time.

Make a splash. Pursue a dream. Follow your innermost desires.


Highly mobile, highly effective.
Aspire to Love.

Great achievement.
Love is here.

Explosive deliverance.
Keep Love in sight.

The deliverance is not complete.
Some fetters remain.
Or, Exhausting deliverance.

The freedom is true.
Love is possible.

Testing the freedom.