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The hexagram means freshness, like early morning or a cool mountain spring, or renewal after a sound sleep.

It relates particularly to the freshness of spirit in children and their capacity to re-invigorate a jaded adult. An adult finds a child’s freshness irresistibly charming, though it can be challenging when the adult is tired.

The freshness of youth can be expressed as playfulness, impulsiveness, fearless idealism and wild romanticism, ever ready to take risks and fall in love.

The hexagram also relates to the assistance given by an adult, established in the world, to a dependant child. The parent provides a secure environment for the child to play and develop and guides the child towards eventual independent adulthood.

The hexagram indicates a need or opportunity for refreshment or else is referring to a child or someone whose youthfulness is refreshing.

It may also be indicating that parental guidance is appropriate for a child, with the caveat that such guidance not suppress the youthful spirit.


Parental guidance is appropriate, but value a child’s forthrightness.

Or, Guided successfully.

The child guides the parent.
Or, Parental assistance is unnecessary or is rejected.
Or, Refreshment is overdone or rejected.

Overly ebullient.
Or, Don't give yourself away too cheaply.
Or, Refreshment is denied.

Looking for, or offering refreshment.
Or, Following parental guidance.

Youthful enthusiasm is being suppressed.