Oracle of Love
Hexagram 39

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Put things off until the way is clear.

You are constrained from using your resources in a meaningful way.

The obstruction is temporary. All you need do is wait until it clears.

There is no suggestion of adversity. The obstruction may even be useful. Think of a dam on a river as a means of regulating the flow of water or a traffic light managing intersecting traffic.

There is no necessity to overcome the obstruction at this time.

Do not pursue Love.

Wait the obstruction out.

You can spend the meantime recovering strength or accumulating resources so that you are ready to resume your enterprise when the obstruction clears.

Be vigilant for signs of it clearing.


The obstruction has fulfilled its purpose.
Soon things can move again.

Comforted or entertained while waiting for the obstruction to clear.

Accumulating resources while waiting.

Appropriate obstruction can be useful.
Know when to stop.

Unwarranted obstruction.

Quietly waiting for the obstruction to clear.