Oracle of Love

Hexagram 35

“Summertime, and the living is easy.”

Energy is abundant and one can indulge in it. Much can be achieved with little effort.

One may have accumulated energy by one's own labour, or one may be basking in somebody else’s, perhaps a spiritual, munificence.

While the hexagram points to a time where resources are plentiful and expression is easy, this need not be an aimless holiday. The energy can be directed purposefully, especially to the purpose of Love.

Suggested Responses

Take advantage of the free energy, perhaps by trying to accomplish more, perhaps by taking things easier without losing speed.

This is a time to take pleasure in your activities and accomplishments.

Take advantage of the time to Love.


Pushing hard to achieve more.
Be careful not to overdo it.

Love comes easy.

The free energy is not being utilized.

No adversity.

Energy for Love.

Prosperity is brief.
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